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An analysis of the current situation in the financial sector shows how quickly the world is changing. Just yesterday, very few people knew and understood such terms as investing, trading, online casino bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Today people can get financial education even at home, by studying available thematic information on the network.

General principles and a bit of history

Everyone wants to get a high salary. Thanks to the phenomenon called cryptocurrency, it became possible not only to have a stable income, but also to become rich in a moment. Online casino on Bitcoins is a great way to earn bitcoin online with pleasure and without any investment. Excitement can be justified only when you do not risk your own savings.

When there was a law banning slot machines, all casinos closed, and players just stopped playing. Gambling houses moved to the expanse of free bitcoin game. Dozens were opened, even hundreds of online casinos that did not fall under the ban.

Such phenomenon as the online casino on Bitcoins appeared much later, after the creation and distribution of alternative monetary units in the world. The principles of the game have remained the same, but the conditions have changed. Now everyone can play in the Bitcoin casino with a deposit bonus, which means, without investing their money.

In order to get into the ranks of Bitcoin casino players you need the smallest thing – to create a wallet and choose a suitable playing field. Choosing a company that provides storage services for your savings in a cryptocurrency is a matter of responsibility, but not difficult. At the moment, there are several reliable proposals:

  • info – online wallet;
  • Bitcoin Core – client wallets;
  • Bitcoin Wallet is a version for smartphones.

How to play in a bitcoin earning games without risking your money

Search freebitcoin win casino with no deposit bonus is exactly what unites many beginners on their way. In fact, these sites are not so many, in most cases, play Bitcoin casino will not work without investments. But since our goal is not to spend our money, then we will consider the list of the most famous best bitcoin casino with no deposit bonus:

999dice is an excellent example of the opportunity to play Bitcoin casino without attachments. Many free bonuses and a lot of positive emotions.

Rollinlo gives its players 500 satoshi, if the balance is not enough funds to continue the game.

FortuneJack – this is not exactly the place where you just give the Bitcoins. But the conditions offered on the site are encouraging: the sum of the first replenishment is multiplied by two, thirty-fold wagers and 1 Bitcoin as a gift!

As they say: “Free cheese only in a mousetrap.” This saying perfectly suits our case. Most online casinos on Bitcoins do not provide free bonuses, they are given only after the first deposit and in most cases they are really generous. After the first replenishment, the player can get a whole bitcoin slot machine, and sometimes a few. Consider Bitcoin Casino, offering generous bonuses for your first deposit:

tvitkasino.com gives a number of bonuses. Plus 110% of the first deposit to the account, 1 Bitcoin as a gift and 100 free spins for bitcoin blackjack.

PlayAmo.com has a whole package of bonuses totaling up to 1 Bitcoin.

BitCasino.io gives all players 1 Bitcoin for every addition, and that’s a lot.

7bitcasino.com will give up to 3 Bitcoins in the form of different bonuses to everyone who makes the first deposit.

You can earn enough Satosh for the first deposit in a few days, performing simple tasks. The most popular way to get Satoshis Bitcoin faucets, the principle of which is based on the issuance of a certain amount of satoshi every 10, 15, 30 minutes.

Consider the most popular and reliable faucets:

  • Freebitco.in – every hour the game, and if you’re lucky, then 0.5 Bitcoin will go to your wallet.
  • Moonbit.co.in is a cumulative faucet. To get the bonus, it’s enough to visit the site once a day.
  • 777 coin in its functionality is similar to the first tap and the payouts are quite good.

Satoshinow.com – a unique faucet, distributing 2-3 thousand satoshi every 10 minutes. Only there is one condition – the minimum amount for withdrawal must be at least 1200000 Satoshi.

For a full-fledged game in the casino for Bitcoins with instant withdrawal of funds earned on faucets satoshi will be small. There is a way out – Bitcoin games. Did you know that you can earn a decent amount of satoshi, just playing games? Today it is possible. Moreover, a day at Bitcoin-games is going to several times more Satoshi than on faucets. And in order to throw dice at Bitcoin Casino, or try your luck at roulette, the games are perfect.

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