What is bitcoin games online?

It’s no wonder that many gambling owners today are trying to open a bitcoin-casino, because its advantages are obvious. Many decide to buy a bitcoin casino script and integrate it into already running sites, which, too, undoubtedly leads to an increase in traffic. Recently, a large number of providers have appeared that offer just buy a casino bitcoin or develop it on an individual order. 

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency that exists on the Internet, it is decentralized and radically different from other currencies: bitcoin is not tied to either financial assets or banks. The value of this currency is regulated by supply and demand in the market, and not by banks and financial regulators.
The word “cryptography” came from the Greek “crypto” (cipher) and “grapho” (to write). That is, it is the science of encryption, some kind of mathematical code, endowed with a certain value.

Bitcoin ideally has a system of functioning that does not have any managing processing center, but is transferred from “peer to peer”, from person to person.

Bitcoins as such do not exist, they are not in the physical sense of the word or on the hard disk. If you look at any bitcoin address, you can not see digital coins. There is only a transaction that is fixed in the blockroom.

Thus, blocking is an original database on the Internet, where the entire history of transactions is stored. In terms of functionality, the block is like a ledger: it can be compared to a transparent deposit box, where everyone can look in, but enter it and can not take anything, because you need a key. Bitcoin can be safely called the crown of the evolution of money, the money of the future.

When the first game bitcoin appeared

In April 2011, the gaming industry collapsed: on April 15, the US Department of Justice closed the three largest poker sites of the United States, a group of people accused of fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling.

As a result, all users’ accounts were frozen, the players lost all their funds – which is $100 million, which were only partly repaid two years later. Many American poker players had to leave for other countries, taking their families with them to continue playing online bitcoin casino reddit.

A year later, in April 2012, appears the first poker room Infiniti Poker, which was founded by one of these American players Michael Hajduk. This was the man who initiated the bitcoin-gambling. At the same time appears the first bitcoin-casino SatoshiDice.

Why do players prefer bitcoin gambling with faucet

In order to answer this question, you need to remember the basic wishes of users who are the same in any online casino. The script of the bitcoin-casino makes it possible to satisfy these needs.

A game. People come to the online casino because they want to play free bitcoin slots. But not everyone succeeds for different reasons. For example, in many countries gaming sites are blocked due to the ban on gambling, in the US users can not afford to just come to the online casino site and play. Bitcoin-casino gives the chance to try out luck to any player, after all it is not threatened with prohibitions from controlling bodies: the payment currency bitcoin does not depend on banks and other regulators.

Anonymity. All guests of bitcoin-casino are guaranteed almost one hundred percent anonymity, since only purse numbers are known, and the participants themselves can not be calculated. It is known that the name of one user could still be determined because of his presence on a dubious anonymous site, which sold arms and conducted criminal activities. But in this case the player was to blame. In general, in bitcoin-casino, the highest level of anonymity is observed – 95%.

Speed. In a casino working with online gambling bitcoin, the payment of winnings occurs very quickly, without checks, commissions and other delays, whereas in a typical online casino such transactions take a day or two or more.

The cost. The transaction in the network bitcoin is free of charge or with minimal commissions, and the player can offer it himself so that payment can occur faster.

Account security. As already mentioned above, no one has access to the bitcoin-wallet of the user, so neither the gambling establishment nor the controlling bodies can take money or block the funds – in fact, the cipher is known only to the player.

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Honesty. On standard gambling web resources, proof of decency is the availability of a license: if its scan is on the site, then the free bitcoin casino is reliable. But usually gaming machines, and all other games work on the basis of a random number generator, which determines the winnings that do not depend on the casino or player. The user himself can at any time check the honesty of the bitcoin-casino.